Diagnosis seems odd.

David Bray

In the sentence below, PWA says
1) change "to 2 weeks or less" to "for 2 weeks or fewer" which changes the meaning.
2) Sentence starts with a subordinate conjunction. The FANBOYS mnemonic suggest coordinate conjunction.

For draft plans, we try to keep tasks to 2 weeks or less.


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Beth Buechler

It SHOULD be "fewer," not "less," if the amount suggested is in weeks. It would be "less" if the item was liquid, or money.


David Bray

Thx for your feedback. But I can't agree Beth.
It may not be obvious from a single sentence. But repeatedly within my book, my goal is tasks that are shorter than 2 work weeks. Ergo, 9 days, 8 days, 4 days, whatever.

If you wish to tell me , replace "less" with "shorter," I will concur, But I can't afford to lose the intended meaning.