Make 'ignore' stick.

Chris Malan

I tell PWA to ignore something, but next time I open the document PWA again tells me to change what I have told it to ignore.
This is a huge waster of time.


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Cuyler Callahan

I agree, it is annoying. Though, PWA mentions in their user-instructions that this is how it works. PWA will ignore it for the particular run of the report, but if the report is run again, it will pick up the error again.

Their other option is to 'disable the rule', but this is a permanent setting change that effects all documents you use PWA on.

It would be nice if 'ignoring' a particular element picked up by the reports could continue to be ignored in future reports. Or maybe an option to flag it, but if it's ignored, to not have it show up in the summary statistics.

Chris Malan

Telling PWA to disable the rule also doesn't work. I tell it frequently to disable the PC rule (gender neutral language, etc.) and it's always back.
PWA is like a civil service department--always finding reasons not to do things and revisiting old errors. Their indexing on underlined words in the Thesaurus report is out by one, again. They fixed it before, now they've unfixed it. I see they use MS technology. Enough said.