My lifetime subscription with the referral program was canceled


I come from Bangladesh- a poor third world country and cannot afford the fees of prowritingaid premium since I am a student. However, I saw prowritingaid has a referral program for a lifetime membership, so I referred 22 of my college friends to sign up to the site (they are thesis students so it will also help them write better papers).
Prowritingaid activated my lifetime licence, but today I saw it was expired. Expired 5 days ago, yet I was using it yesterday. I contacted prowritingaid via their site help email and some of their social media. But no one has replied at all. I have also screenshotted proof that the people I refer are real friends, cousins etc and can provide them at notice.
It took me a lot of effort to convince friends to sign up, and I was really enjoying using the features there. But since today my editing has come to a halt and I find myself nervous.
Is this a website bug?
I am attaching the referral count of today and before. I can also provide my one to one correspondence with my friends when they signed up if needed by prowritingaid mods.
Sincerely, Tirtha.


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Libby Bushill

Hi Tirtha, glad we could get this resolved for you! Apologies again for the confusion :)