Please resolve the compatibility issues between ProWritingAid and Essay

Jeff Hale

I am writing to ask for a resolution to the compatibility problems between Eassy and ProWritingAid. I realize Eassy is a recent release. Essay has great potential as a writing tool. I write extensively and I've adopted it as a major tool. Both Essay and ProWritingAid would be more valuable to me (and I think to others) if they worked well together. I've listed the issues I've encountered below, which I have also shared with Essay.

When I have the browser extensions enabled in Edge and Chrome, the Essay appears to stop auto-saving.
Also, when I use the "backspace" to correct a character, Essay eliminates the entire paragraph.
When I disable the ProWritingAid browser extension, Essay appears to work normally.


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Alex Alex

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Lauren Feiner

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Julian Peterson

essay.app and ProWritingAid have some compatibility issues. It would be good to fix them, thank you.