ProWritingAid's Microsoft Word Add-In update of 04/11/2021 changes the Keyboard accent keys

Enrique Medina-Acosta

The problem started with the April 11th, 2021, automatic update. The updated add-in changes the following accent keys (while typing) in the Portuguese language:

Key à is typed as ``a (applies for all vocals)
Key á is typed as "a (applies for all vocals)
Key â is shown as ^^a (applies for all vocals)

I contacted Microsoft Office assistance, and they diagnosed that the updated ProWritingAid add-ins for Microsoft Word are conflicting with the keys.

As a result, I had no other option to disable the add-in, and I am unavailable to use the application.

Every time I need to correct my English text, I must manually enable the add-in option, which is a pitfall of this updated version.

Please advise on a satisfactory solution.

Enrique Medina-Acosta