Past & present tense


I am writing a novel, and I keep getting my tenses mixed up. If it is in quotes it should be present tense, if it is not, it should be past tense.
Can you either have an option to check this, or just show past tense in one colour, and present tense in another?


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Hi, I agree with you. PWA lacks the Tense report.


Roger Wakelin

Tenses are more important than people realise. Is it 'is' or 'are'? It's easy to chug along writing something and not realise that the tenses jump from one to another without the writer realising it's happening. This is a common trait with authors and business writers. I know, as I've been inside both camps. Past, present & future is bad enough. Then there is 'past past tense', and how about, 'present perfect progressive tense', or future perfect continuous tense'. Treacherous waters are these that drive one crazy. So I agree with trbeier. Pin those tenses down. Colour coding is the way forward.



Hi Roger, if you agree with trbeier and so do I. I separately request this issue as the Tense report, may I ask you to vote to trbeier or mine? Thanks.