Active voice and remove adverbs

William Bahl

A rewrite feature that presented options for sentences written in active voice and devoid of adverbs would prove useful for creative fiction writers.
For example, if I write a sentence that states:
"Shattered vessels sent forth a red geyser of pure anguish that cascaded down her face, creating a macabre pattern of scarlet flowers on the chamber's pitiless floor."
I will get rewrite suggestions in passive voice:
"The chamber's pitiless floor was covered in a macabre pattern of scarlet flowers as shattered vessels created a red geyser of pure anguish that ran down her face."
PWA critiques its own sentence rewrite suggestions, showing "was covered" makes my writing less direct.
PWA should not suggest sentences that it will mark as sub-optimal. It should recognize these weaknesses in its own suggestions prior to offering them. A Gatekeeper function for itself. A feature that provided re-written sentences in active voice would improve the rewrite feature. I refer to this rewrite feature that exists in the browser extension.
Another feature I would like to see concerns adverbs in PWA's rewrite suggestions. Words that end in "ly". Ghastly, quickly, incessantly, splendidly, hurriedly, etc... should not enter one's vocabulary in creative writing. PWA will offer rewrite suggestions with adverbs in the new sentences on a regular basis. (PWA underlined the last part of this sentence and suggested using "regularly" instead.
The rephrase tool should offer a new option that presents rewrites in active voice and without adverbs.
I would find this rewrite feature invaluable. I am not a unique case. Please consider this as a new feature in the browser extension and also in PWA itself.