Better possessive apostrophe recognition

Ron Taggart

While I use PWA to "improve document" in google docs, it highlights apostrophes being used in the possessive. I figure that that is a basic grammatical rule the program should recognize. Things like peoples' and dogs'.

The add-in labels them as: "The document has a single closing quotation mark without an opening one." Then it tries to teach me to use quotes.

The add-in also appears to label these at random. Sometimes it will recognize the word as being possessive, and other times it thinks that there is a missing quotation mark.

I'm new to PWA, so perhaps there is an option I've missed. But I'd like to see the program more consistently recognize possessive words. I don't want to disable the rule in case I miss a quote somewhere.


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Alexander Suprun

very useful feature indeed!



The quote marks are haphazard and inconvenient.


Roger Mason

I want to disable that stupid rule. How do I do that?


Chris Banks

Status changed to: Planned