Better possessive apostrophe recognition

Ron Taggart

While I use PWA to "improve document" in google docs, it highlights apostrophes being used in the possessive. I figure that that is a basic grammatical rule the program should recognize. Things like peoples' and dogs'.

The add-in labels them as: "The document has a single closing quotation mark without an opening one." Then it tries to teach me to use quotes.

The add-in also appears to label these at random. Sometimes it will recognize the word as being possessive, and other times it thinks that there is a missing quotation mark.

I'm new to PWA, so perhaps there is an option I've missed. But I'd like to see the program more consistently recognize possessive words. I don't want to disable the rule in case I miss a quote somewhere.


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Christine Westhead

The grammar check says I have no inconsistancies, but the summary says I have only 27% and should make sure my speechmarks and either all straight or all curly. They are all curly. It's driving me mad!


Alexander Suprun

very useful feature indeed!



The quote marks are haphazard and inconvenient.


Roger Mason

I want to disable that stupid rule. How do I do that?


Chris Banks

Status changed to: Planned