Dictation punctuation corrections

Patryk Kozlowski

im recovering from a stroke and have a fine motor impairment. Therefore, I am using dictating longer text with the android project relate app. However, since I also have a speech impairement, in addition to some phonetic misrecognitions, which I think I just have to fix manually with keyboard, there are a lot of punctuation errors. I was hoping some kind of artificial intelligence writing tool, like ProWritingAid, would have the capability to correct these. Previously, I was using chatGPT to correct my dictation punctuation errors with the following prompt:

The following text was dictated without correcting misrecognitions stemming from impaired enunciation. Fix any typos or grammatical errors, leaving meaning and structure intact. Phonetically sound out typos because I am saying things how I mean them.

this was working okay but I was quite limited by chatgpt token limit for longer blocks of text. my understanding is if the dev team here agreed to work on this project I wouldn't be limited by the token length of my essay, like would be using chatgpt.