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Anca Antoci

It would be great if we could also set the format for the text. I'm a fantasy writer and I use ProWritingAid to self edit my novels chapter by chapter. When I copy/paste my work into PWA, it loses italics and adds spaces between paragraphs. I get that it looks better, but once I'm done editing and paste the text back into my document, I have to delete all those extra spaces and add italics back where necessary. I'd rather not have these extra 2 steps.


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Morgan Gerhart

At LEAST add in italics.
I have read in the FAQs that the reasoning for not including these formatting options is because this app is solely for editing, not formatting. But I feel that ProWritingAid is missing a key component of editing- context. Italicized sentences and words are KEY to understanding the document. With the italics stripped from my work, it is difficult to differentiate a character's inner thoughts from the narrator's voice. You can see how that might complicate the editing process.
As a paying customer, it also feels lazy. If I had known that ProWritingAid would make editing my document more difficult in this way, I probably would have purchased different editing software. As it is, I doubt I will renew next year when the time comes. Other sites offer similar features and still include basic formatting.