Giessen declaration


The Giessen Declaration emphasizes the value of nutrition science, and its dimensions, impact on global health, food systems, and challenges. It aims to use nutrition science to present tools that will aid a society that can live sustainably while maintaining physical and mental health. By accomplishing this sustainability, mankind and the Earth’s health and sustainability to all living beings will improve. Environmental issues concerning the Earth’s resources, ecosystems, and material waste can be solved by sciences including nutrition science, collaborating to improve the current state of these issues. Social issues such as the imbalance of wealth among the population and the lack of resources available to a majority of the population can also be resolved by different fields of science (including nutrition) concerning themselves with these topics, in order to understand what approach should be taken to improve the situation. Social, biological, and environmental dimensions should be integrated into nutritional science, to aid in the development of new technologies, and studying the impact of this technology on food systems. There are many issues that concern specifically nutritional science, such as disease, deficiencies, and illnesses. Nutritional science can combat these issues, by including biological, social, and environmental approaches. The Giessen Declaration has several impacts on the professions in nutrition science. It encourages that social, biological, and environmental dimensions be taken into consideration. This will lead to more research concerning these dimensions, as it stresses the importance of these issues, and how it may affect the future of the Earth and its inhabitants. The Giessen Declaration provides insight into what the general principles of nutrition science should be. It suggests that information and evidence be used in policies and programmes that may benefit from its use. Furthermore, it suggests that the principles should be guided by sustainability, human rights, evolution, history, and ecology. In conclusion, the Giessen Declaration highlights the global issues that are faced today, and what nutrition science can do to improve the well-being of the Earth and its inhabitants.