History of rephrases

Alex P

My suggestion is for us to be able to access the recently rephrases suggestions that have already been generated. It doesn't have to be much, just like the last 10 suggestions go there.

This would be useful because of some issues I am having with rephrasing. I ask to "suggest rephrase" and pick a choice by clicking on it. I expected the choice I made to be incorporated/replaced on the text. A few times this works. Sometimes it doesn't and the suggestions just disappear. Other times, the suggestion picked is partially inserted and overlaps part of the original text (including cutting off words, incorrectly). Then, I have to edit to not lose the good part of the paragraph... but I lost the suggestion picked. Asking for suggestions again generates different suggestions and not the good one I originally picked.

Also, I expected to be able to at least copy the suggestion, so it would not be lost, but it seems like there is no copy feature in these generated suggestions (like there is when we use AI sparks for rephrasing), which is just sad.