I feel tricked

Robin Andersson

Dear Customer Support,

I paid the full price for a year susbscription for ProWritingAid and just shortly after, you decided to create new models where my 120 euro model became the "inferior" model while at the same time you drastrically lowered the price and added another version I need to upgrade to in order to get more sparks.

I can't help but to feel tricked and would like to ask for a refund on the months remaining months of my year subscription and revoke my license. This does not feel ok.

Kind regards,
Robin Andersson


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Support Team

Hello, thank you for your feedback! If you are experiencing issues with, or have questions about, our software, please contact our team on hello@prowritingaid.com who will be happy to help you.

It is important to note that Upvoty was designed as a place for you to add requests for features you would like see become available with ProWritingAid. Therefore, it is not monitored by our support team. Contacting our team using the above email address ensures your support request will be seen. I hope this helps!