Kenneth J

When getting a suggestion from the programme, one option I choose is 'ignore', either, because the suggestion is incorrect! Or, I do not want the wording changed, because it has a reason to be there. My gripe is when I tell the programme to ignore something. It doesn't and keeps counting the 'ignore' command as a mistake on my part. Really exasperating


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May Wasserman

Yes, this exactly. When I tell the program "ignore this correction" I want it to *ACTUALLY IGNORE IT*. Not "temporarily remove the underline, but restore it the next time I load and also show it if I switch reports and also continue to treat it as a mistake in the scoring". Why is there even an "ignore" command, when it's so useless?

This is ESPECIALLY grating for the grammar & spelling checks, where I'd like to be able to use them as "I have reviewed each item and verified that the grammar/spelling is what I want to use." But I can't because Pro Writing Aid never acknowledges that I've reviewed something and marked it as correct. It's so frustrating. x_x