Please make the Passive Voice check optional for the entire document.

Nik Nikam

I am editing a 300 pages book. More than 20-25% suggestion are about passive voice. It takes 3 key strokes to get rid of it. It is annoying and depressing. The PWA has to adapt to the individual needs, not the other way around. You need to add a lot more AI, so it learns more each writer and adopt to his or her style.


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Swayam Santosh

Please work onbthe active and passive voice sentence structure. There are 5-6 options are suggesting to make the passive voice sentences to active. But most of the times it dont fit to the structure of paragraph or sentence.

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"She had been preoccupied" is not passive yet is marked as such.

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"Whales are endangered" is not passive yet is marked as passive. Please amend. Thank you.

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"He had been preoccupied" is not passive. Please correct this.


Dima Zobnin

I guess it is no longer an issue :) Just uncheck Passive Voice when using realtime report, or hide passive verbs when running a style report.


LynZ Page

Sometimes I change my mind during a later editing session and want to revisit a suggestion I marked out as fixed in some way. Because many times no more than one word begins the cited position's clue, I can't find where to look.

If you put the first 5 words there and find a way to reboot the "ignored" and "hide" to "live" again, it would be very helpful. Other programs have used "Undo", which only works during the same session. But "Reset" would work during the next session after closing to reboot the suggestion and take the cursor to the appropriate place again, as though I had never marked "ignore" or "hide."'

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Amy Cohen

This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing this.



I find this check useful for my prose, but almost irrelevant for dialogue.


Rick Grant

Oh dear gods of the multiverse, please incorporate this suggestion. Nothing, but nothing, annoys me more than the hysterical over reaction that PRA and Grammarly display over passive voice. At least allow the disabling of the rule for words in dialogue.

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Agree strongly!


Zamin Ahmed

Yes please I am frustrated with the passive voice when writing my papers for college labs


Alan Reinhart



Prof Dr Peter Roberts

This is the most annoying features of grammar checkers. Please do as Nik Nikam suggested, which is to allow us to switch off passive voice checking for all documents (naturally with the ability to consciously override it for special purposes).
I write engineering and scientific textbooks and I have to use passive mood all the time and your program - like Grammarly - constantly and irritatingly asks me to question my passive mood. It drives me mad and wastes my time.
In my case, as a good writer, the passive questions must comprise more than fifty per cent of my time in checking the text.
I have begged Grammarly to do something about this, but they do not.
So, since I have paid for lifetime use of your product, please help me by allowing passive mood corrections to be eliminated. Thank you.

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Chris Banks

Status changed to: Planned