Revolt From Tradition

Taeyoung Uhm

When trying to persuade Nnaemeka, Okeke used ethos regarding his religious and ethnic beliefs. Before Nnaemeka asked Okeke for his approval on Nene, Okeke sent a letter acknowledging Ugoye Nweke, a woman Okeke admires as Nnaemeka’s future wife. In his letter, he shared Ugoye having “proper Christian upbringings”, how “she reads her Bible very fluently”, and how she was sent to “live in the house of a pastor where she has received all the training a wife could need”. The qualities Okeke believes are good for a wife. Here, Okeke convinces Nnaemeka to choose Ugoye to be wife. However, Nnaemeka does not accept Okeke’s suggestion and falls in love with Nene. When he informed Okeke about his relationship with Nene, he told him how she is a teacher and a Christian to convey her religion being the same as theirs. Okeke disapprovingly said, “‘If you consider that [being a teacher] a qualification for a good wife I should like to point out to you, Emeka, that no Christian woman should teach. St. Paul in his letter to the Corinthians says that women should keep silence’”. Okeke is portraying Christianic credentials to prove to Nnaemeka that Nene is not a good wife and to end their relationship.