Tense switches and genre specific grammar for novels

Anne Sisk

A few writers and I had been talking about cp's and grammar and grammar checkers. We all agree that we would love to have a tense tracker and even a way to track when you slip first or third person POV.
As a writer the tense issue one of my biggest challenges and there are many like myself who are in this boat.
And another thing that would be great would be genre specific or type specific grammar rule suggestion when it comes to novel writing. The writing group I am involved, there's a ton of us but myself and 6 or so others were talking about how to handle grammar suggestions from you and other grammar checkers. Half the time we don't look at more than sticky words and the basic grammar things like punctuation and some of the passive voice things. And when it comes to novel writing in genre specific areas, there's more rules you break than adhere to based on how you want your book.
The same goes for the telling and showing. I am not sure if inhave ever looked for a report for showing and telling in any of my stories I have run through pwa.
There is so many times that us novel and genre specific novel writers use two or three grammar checkers because you all check different things and there have been instances where both or all three programs mark the same thing but give contradictory advise and suggestions.
With the world of self pub growing there are so many new authors out there who don't use or have good editors and all those to look over their work for errors before hitting submit. Its frustrating.
This all came about after having a few cp's review work. Those cp's were English teachers and professors. But they didn't know there are slightly different rules when it comes to writing say a romance book. And even in the romance book there are slightly different rules depending on where it might be shelved in a book store. Its like the wild west when it comes to grammar and details. Sorry for this being so long. Hope you can make sense of my rambling.