I think I am missing something? Can not activate PWA E

Jaime Glasser

Ok, this may be something very basic that I missing. But, I really don't understand why the under lines appear and disappear. I cannot figure out what's making them go away or stay on. The button for pro riding aid everywhere in pages I'm talking about sorry full to round and at times if I keep rolling over it all of the near underline's show. The dialog box stays on usually, but the drop-down on each underline and the underline to themselves keep disappearing. And I cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong or how do I activate or deactivate them when I turn tracking off and on sometimes they appear for a while and stay, and when I scroll the underlined from the previous pages, stay on the screen and new ones don't show sometimes. I don't know what's causing this inconsistency in the under lines, or ability to use them, and I don't know if the dialog box and the drop downs should both be there at the same time because when the dialog box is there, it could be from a few pages above, and it's hard for me to find which point in the manuscript the words are, also, the button itself is the mustard color and then it when you roll to new page it turns to green as if everything is done but it certainly is not. It keeps going back-and-forth between orange and green. I'm really confused like I said it could be me I'm having trouble getting proficient in this program and I've just begun, but it's very very very very helpful for me that it is in pages so I appreciate that,