Early experience with Scrivener, workarounds

Narr Pwaeupv

a. the floating  window doesn't identify itself well as such, and appears not able to move from obscuriing Scrivener documents.  Solutions are several:

- you ought to move the hamburger to the left, so it's a better identi
- then you ought to make the entire header block able to move the floater, as is normal in Windows-land, or any other I'm aware of.
- opening the Inspector (right-hand frame) on Scrivener completes the picture, by squeezing the text document's formatting in a normal way that the user has probably allowed for. Then your floater has a non-interfering place to be. 
- thus you could consider opening the Inspector if it isn't. Or...even taking the Inspector's frame, if that were convenient. You'd necessarily have to give a clear indicatiion you'd done it, with a button to switch back and forth with you or the Inspector.

b. Everywhere only comes up on the first text document showing as Scrivener is opened. Switch to another, and it simply disappears. There's no promised button of any sort apparent.

- workaround:  actually clicking in the fresh Scrivener text will bring back your floater. How you do better, I leave to your choices, but do better you should, and a button seems very important, to go back and forth from showing this floater. I suspect a button added in the buttons bars Scrivener already has to be the answer. Inserting  to it appears at the far right (not in the Inspector row) would feel suggested.

c. no highlighting, and you don't see the listed problem in the text until you click on the notice. I'm sure you are thinking about this one. In some ways, it may be better than the forest of colored 'links' in normal PWA. Worth thinking if that should become a button on-off feature here, and also in the main app?

d. I tried Everywhere in Typora also, where it also functioned. The UX around the on-off button is...interesting. I am sure you are still considering about this. That button has  always been a problem in web forms, chat forms, etc., and maybe you are heading for a less intrusive solution there also...

Thanks for building Everywhere. I'm already feeling more comfortable about actually using PWA, because I can deal with a small area of a text at a time, in Scrivener's block documents. This is much better than the forest across a whole, and integrated, it's far better than opening a Scrivener project 'sort of', as your main app has been doing.