Scrivener not working

Hanna B

I keep my scrivener writing at 1.5 spacing and it causes the underlines to be above the words vs under them. If you adjust the spacing the highlighting lines move up further and further. Can you please fix this?


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K. Edwards

Same problem. Line is always in same wrong position even with the settings suggested. I don't find "we can't fix it" a good way to think. be creative, let users adjust line level for apps that don't work


Yimeng Wu

Hi Hanna. Unfortunately, this is an issue within Scrivener that can't be fixed on our side. There are a couple of things you can try to work around this issue:
1. Change the line spacing to 1.1x or smaller.
2. If not already, use a font such as Stika Text (the default in Scrivener) which has more space between the lines than fonts like Calibri.