Ticky little things that need to be fixed.

Dave Casey (dgcasey)

I'm using Everywhere with LibreOffice Writer and for the most part, it appears to be working. However, there are some niggling problems that should be fixed. Or maybe they are fixed and I just don't know it.

First, I need it to stop telling me to open or close my quotes. They are open or closed!

Second, fix the problem of PWA telling me to capitalize the first word in a sentence when that word is actually a continuation of a sentence that happened to get separated by a page break. It's silly that PWA can't see that word is NOT the first word in a sentence.

Third, PWA needs to stop telling me to put a comma in front of the word "and". I don't want to use the Oxford comma, I don't need to use it and we fought a war so we wouldn't have to speak the King's English! Leave me alone about adding extra commas that shouldn't be there.

Next, tying in with the last item, when I say Disable This Rule, I'd really like it to be disabled. Not just disabled for a few minutes until the next time it decides I need to use the Oxford comma.

If I say Ignore This, I would like PWA to ignore it now and into perpetuity! Not just now until the next time I open the document.

That's all for now. I'm sure I'll come up with more in the future.