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This app is already fantastic, but it has one crucial and missing thing. It’s the word explorer feature of the desktop version.

The writing software that I use, Scrivener, has fewer thesaurus options for every word. Some of them were contextually unrelated, and it would always give me less words. Yes, less words. The software has an option to add them manually if it displays one or nothing, and I don’t have the time for that.

So, I hope the developers add this significant feature to ProWritingAid Everywhere. I’m going to use it a lot than the desktop version if it gets added.


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Peter Madsen

PWA Everywhere makes my writing in Scrivener faster because it reduces re-editing. When I draft or edit a chapter in Scrivener, I set the status to PWA for a fine-tuning pass in PWA desktop.

To have the PWA word explorer when I am in Scrivener will be a massive speed-of-writing improvement because it will reduce the number of passes.

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